8 Considerations for Selecting a Digital Partner


Today’s world requires organizations to adopt digital models in order to keep up with the competition. Even so, many digital transformation projects fail. Working with a strategic digital partner offers a cost-effective way to make digital transformation projects successful.

8 Considerations for Selecting a Digital Partner

Here are a few factors to consider while selecting a digital partner to help with your organization’s needs.

  1. Strategy Consulting

    A new class of boutique digital partner offers creative strategic ideas to transform your business. A 30- to 60-minute conversation should give you an idea about how they apply emerging digital technologies to create new customer experiences with your core offerings.

  2. Expertise

    Look for deep expertise in software delivery using emerging technologies. Current and past successful projects in MobileAnalyticseCommerce, Social, Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) are signs of expertise in emerging/digital technologies.

  3. Process/Speed

    Effective partners think of project delivery in weekly iterative cycles instead of long projects that last for months or years. Look for how mature their Agile Development practices are to get an idea of speed.

  4. Culture

    A culture of being close to the customer is important for being able to create effective and efficient digital business models. Look for a successful track record of working within an ecosystem of partners and clients.

  5. Experience Design

    Ensure that the partner has an established history of compelling experience design and a seamless customer experience approach. You might get impressive design aesthetics, but ensure that they map to your customer journeys and create flawless user experience and interface design as well.

  6. Ready-To-Go Building Blocks

    Does the partner have components or solutions that will speed up your time-to-market? For instance, at CoStrategix, we have pre-built assets and best-practice code configurations that shorten development cycles.

  7. Ability To Innovate

    Look for packaged solutions or innovation labs inside of the company that you are considering partnering with. It also bodes well to look for patents they have filed that assert their critical thinking and approach to innovation.

  8. Product Development Experience

    Is your partner of choice involved in a start-up? Do they have their own products? For example, at CoStrategix, we have worked with companies of many sizes and have a trail of patents. This experience implies our ability to rapidly iterate and establish market traction within constraints and market uncertainty.

In summary, selecting the right implementation partner for any of your digital transformation initiatives is critical to success.

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