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Like many industries, parking services are undergoing major technology shifts. Fast Park, an offsite airport parking company, was looking for ways to create competitive advantages and position itself for success in the new digital age.

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Our Core Areas


Want to really transform your business? It’s not enough to just dabble with the latest...
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The mobile experience is now the first point of contact between your customer and you....
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Data Science

With concepts like big data, analytics and machine learning, data science can be intimidating even...
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You want to be nimble and utilize technology to stay ahead of the competition. But...
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E-commerce is evolving at breakneck speeds to meet customer demands. B2B is finally getting on...
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IT Modernization

Technology has the power to transform your business—but only with a rock-solid IT foundation. Together,...
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P&G Alumni
Drees Homes
Americas Blood Centers
TCC / Verizon
People’s Liberty

CoStrategix is an excellent company. Their ways of working with the clients is very transparent and I’ve been very impressed by their capabilities and speed. They’re clear thinkers and bring a hungry, agile mindset to their work.

John Gimpel
CEO, Aero Fulfillment

CoStrategix helped us modernize our internal application for managing our home building projects. The new features and effective interface allowed us to realize immediate operational efficiencies of 50% in some areas and significantly improve the timeliness of our data.

Cheryl Reynolds
VP of Information Technology, Drees Homes

The CoStrategix team did an exceptional job of understanding our needs and preferred user experience while ensuring that we stayed on time and budget. With their help, we were able to marry function and aesthetics to launch two great digital solutions.

Toby Campbell
Director of Marketing, Bevolution

We partnered with CoStrategix to develop a technology solution for an employee incentive program at one of our national retail partners by creating real-time loyalty campaigns resulting in increased sales and revenue for both TEMPOE and our partner.

Laura Lauber
Marketing Manager, TEMPOE

CoStrategix brings us an extremely broad set of capabilities and expertise and operate as an extension of our company. They know the definition of urgency and results.

Chris Berger
CEO, RokkitWear

CoStrategix was instrumental in evolving our feature set using Agile processes, as well as identifying key software development opportunities to streamline operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Austin Allison
CEO, Dotloop

Our Insights

May 10 2018

No! It’s not another Mobile App Vs. Mobile Site debate. Let’s look at the “Do I need a...

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May 10 2018

There are widening gaps in many organizations today with respect to operationalizing digital technologies. These aren’t the usual...

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May 10 2018

We are hearing it from customers in various conversations. Customers often approach the conversation saying “what should we doing with...

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