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Fueled by Curiosity, Driven by

At CoStrategix, we thrive by tapping into each other’s curiosities to realize new possibilities. Gixer Labs is CoStrategix’s research and digital innovation program. It tackles targeted, complex business problems and solves them by applying leading-edge technologies.

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Fueled by Curiosity, Driven by

Tech-Driven Exploration:
Solving Challenges with Creativity

Digital innovation and Artificial Intelligence are quickly changing everything. At CoStrategix, we live to explore new possibilities opened up by today’s advancements. Our Innovation Lab applies specific frameworks in our innovation flywheel to tackle both out-of-the-box client initiatives as well as our own internal continuous experimentation to build new capabilities and power numerous service offerings.


Apply a CCDIV framework
(Customers, Competitors, Data, Innovation, Value proposition)


Work agilely through
Design Sprints


Explore a non-traditional,
tech-driven path to solving
business problems


Build technology solutions
to drive competitive


Infuse Artificial Intelligence
capabilities into your
products and services


Bend the cost curve
with new ways to solve
age-old problems

Gixer Labs are among the top incentives if you’re considering joining our team. Gixer Labs give you an opportunity to acquire new skills, showcase your leadership, and foster collaboration. Perhaps most importantly, they enable you to be heard and make a difference.

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Artificial Intelligence/

Explore the potential of AI for your organization

  • Tap into Gixers’ spirit of innovation

  • Trail of patents of customers

  • Assess new technologies and showcase possibilities

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Explore and apply cutting-edge Technologies

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Chaos Engineering

Even when you think you have considered every eventuality, unknown-unknowns may still rear their ugly heads to wreak havoc. This Gixer Lab explored potential use cases for applying Chaos Engineering to build confidence in different systems’ capabilities to withstand turbulent conditions in production. From testing for sudden traffic spikes to causing host failures, detecting system bottlenecks to simulating an application crash… we aim to intentionally try to break our systems under certain stresses to determine potential outages, locate weaknesses, and improve resiliency.


Azure Security Audit and Cost Analysis

Despite proactive measures, there may be occasions when Azure security could become compromised or costs spiral out of control. This Gixer Lab created an out-of-the-box process and report that can be used across multiple clients to audit the security, access control, and cloud costs of the Azure cloud platform. This allows us to review, update and analyze the status of any Azure cloud platform that we/our clients manage.


Reusable Data Pipeline Framework

If you’ve ever built a data pipeline, you know that you may have to build a new data pipeline from scratch every time you add a new data source. In this Gixer Lab, we developed a reusable data pipeline framework that significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to ingest new data sources. Using a best-practices approach, this framework helps us both with our own internal projects as well as with client projects.

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