Work where collaboration and curiosity rules!

At CoStrategix, you’re not just part of the headcount — you’re a Gixer, an integral, vital part of our team. You’ll drive the latest thinking, work with the newest technologies, tools, and approaches, and collaborate with some of the best minds in the business.


Things never get stale or boring with us — we’re a product company, a services company, and a technology company all in one. We creatively reinvent ourselves with every project — so we’re as scrappy as a startup, except that we’ve been in business since 2006.

Gixer [jixser]


Insatiably curious, digital-minded critical thinkers obsessed with creative problem-solving, developing their talents and skills, and a never-ending desire to learn.

Our Core Values

The driving force that brings us together, our core values Keeping us aligned and occasionally sane!.

Keep the pursuit of learning alive.

A supportive learning culture strengthens us individually and as a team, elevating our collective possibilities. In this pursuit, intentional humility ensures that we are open to learning new ways of doing things.

Help the customer win big.

We look beyond the individual problem we’re solving and focus on customers’ desired outcomes and ultimate objectives. We collaborate and co-create with them to help achieve and often exceed expectations.

Embrace challenges.

We’ll always be faced with tasks that are new or difficult, but our growth mindset and intentional approach to problem-solving assure us that we’ll always learn from our mistakes, calibrate, and try again until we achieve success.

Do the right thing. Always.

Integrity, honesty, and responsibility drive everything that we do, whether interacting with clients or each other. We treat others as we want to be treated because nothing is more valuable than the people in our circle.

Use teamwork to make it work.

We create a company culture for others to share ideas and speak freely in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. We recognize that our pursuits require teamwork to take on challenges and realize new possibilities.

Gixer Stories


The Power of Awareness in Leadership Framework

An opportunity knocked, and of course I said yes! CoStrategix offered to sponsor me in the first cohort of The Circuit’s IT Leadership Institute, where I meet monthly or more with rising leaders from other companies in the…


Reflections On The Costrategix Technology Accelerator Program

CoStrategix’s Technology Accelerator Program helps early-career employees learn leading-edge technology skills. It helps train new Gixers to take on new client projects and advance their careers.


Leading an Innovation Lab is Like Making Fine Chocolates

Last year, CoStrategix tapped me to lead Gixer Labs – its internal innovation lab. I am naturally drawn to innovation, and I find our Gixer Labs is actually a lot like launching a business.


Strength from our diversity

We are a company of problem-solvers who bring together varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to create solutions for our customers. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and always seek ways to create a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Lifestyle Benefits: Earn, Learn, & Play

Stay Healthy

Choose from healthcare plans that offer preventive care, physical and mental wellness programs, and flexible options.

Team-Building Activities

Get to know your fellow Gixers better with monthly and quarterly teambuilding activities planned by our Culture Club.

Time to Recharge
Enjoy flexible time off to rest, recharge, and spend that much-needed time with family and friends.
Continued Learning

We encourage you to advance your knowledge through free access to Udemy, certifications, books, and more.

What Makes
CoStrategix Different
What It Means
for You
Strategy First Principles
Learn More In Less Time:

We are not just a technology first; we lead with strategy. You’ll use leading technologies to create solutions in the Digital and AI space.

Variety of Work
Domain Wide Exposure

We work across healthcare, finance, transportation, and media, solving diverse and exciting problems. A variety of projects gives you new experiences & learnings.

Growing Company
Transformation Framework
Grow Continuously

We have grown consistently for nearly 20 years. Be a part of a stable company that pursues methodical growth and does meaningful work.

Gixer Labs
Growth Mindset

We seek people with a growth mindset and previous work experience. We always learn new things - pursue your own learning project under GixerLabs.

Startup Mindset
Build New Stuff!

We build new products, platforms, and data analytics solutions for clients and ourselves. Experience the thrill of creating new products and services without the typical risks associated with a start-up.

Does CoStrategix sound like the perfect place for you? Ready to
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