Digital Platforms and Modernization

Application modernization for Stellar Experiences, Efficiency, and AI

Crafting a Flexible Future

Today’s digital solutions promise to drive new revenue, operational efficiency, and stellar user experiences. How do you build a future that is flexible, composable, is built on a modern cloud architecture, while tapping into the possibility of AI?

Outdated Systems Are Costly, Inconvenient, and Pose Risks

Modernization is a strategic imperative that enables you to adapt flexibly to changing business demands. Here are a few catalysts for change:

Lack of Flexibility

Cannot adapt fast to changing business demands – systems are not loose-coupled or composable on demand

Sub-Optimal User Experience 

Legacy systems and outdated interfaces cause friction – the next generation demands exceptional digital experiences

Total Cost of Ownership

The TCO of aging systems increases over time until it becomes unsustainable

Security Risks

Systems may not meet the latest regulatory or compliance standards, leading to legal/financial risks

AI Possibilities

Outdated systems hinder the ability to innovate, deliver new products/services, and tap into AI possibilities

Lack  of Data Signals

Legacy systems cannot capture data signals to drive continuous improvement

We Provide Flexible Solutions for Modern Challenges

Our full-service modernization approach spans discovery, solution development, implementation, and ongoing support. We provide cutting-edge solution frameworks, technology partnerships, and deep technology expertise to build intelligent solutions that deliver efficiencies and mitigate risks.

Our Solutions

Our unique framework-based approach dramatically streamlines the design and implementation process, saving time, resources, and money.

digital transform

Application Modernization Framework

Approach your modernization initiatives with this continuously updated, best-practices framework to minimize technology risks and rework.

ai digital transform

AI Infusion Framework

Leverage your data assets with this framework to build intelligent products and applications using Generative AI and Machine Learning capabilities.

automation digital transform

CI/CD and Automation Framework

Reduce total cost of ownership by using our CI/CD and test automation frameworks to automate deployments and deliver uptime and reliability.

Digital Platforms and Technology Modernization Capabilities

From strategy to engineering execution, tap into our services to power your initiatives

Application Modernization Framework

This is a flexible, best practices-based framework designed for modernization efforts. Starting with this framework reduces risks by addressing essential considerations upfront and adapting to your specific digital assets, technologies, and expertise.

Our Guiding Principles for Modernization

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to client-centered solutions for keeping up with the relentless pace of technological change.

Experience Design & Workflows

Start with understanding the true motivations of the users and their workflows to eliminate friction and drive efficiencies.

Composable Architectures

Build with highly flexible Cloud reference architectures that deliver flexibility and reduce total cost of ownership

Adaptive Modernization

Adopt a strategic-led approach to assess the current state, evaluate legacy assets, and systematically modernize.

Innovate with AI Infusion

Leverage our expertise to integrate AI technologies, craft transformative solutions & drive competitive advantages

Success Stories

We apply this approach across all of our client engagements. But don’t just take our word for it.


Scaling an AdTech Platform for Massive Growth

Today, DigitalReef builds technology that delivers unique access to untapped audiences and intelligently engages users on mobile and connected TV (CTV) devices across the Americas.


Scaling an AdTech Platform for Massive Growth

Today, DigitalReef builds technology that delivers unique access to untapped audiences and intelligently engages users on mobile and connected TV (CTV) devices across the Americas.

Insights & Perspectives

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