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There was a time when few understood the notion of “digital transformation.” Today, our customers get it and realize that going digital isn’t only beneficial — it’s critical for survival. In the past, such complex technologies were cost-prohibitive. Now, they’re within reach for companies of any size, though they require strong operational systems to be in place and a strategic partner to navigate.

CoStrategix will help define your vision, bring cross-pollination of ideas across verticals and industries to create a strategic digital action plan. We’ll help with the implementation of digital products and platforms, customer journey mapping, technology optimization or modernization, business API implementation and more to position your organization for the digital era.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is absolutely integral to your overall business strategy, but it’s so complex that it needs to be addressed as a separate entity. A unified vision at the top management level is the first step to create a comprehensive, measurable approach. You must look at your customers, competitors, data, innovations, and value propositions through the filter of today’s digital possibilities. We’ll help you to create the digital blueprint to engage customers and the operational systems that deliver on the promise.

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Roadmaps for transformation

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Roadmaps for optimization

Customized for your organization

Customized for your organization

Digital Platforms / Products


With digital transformation, the idea is to create a “digital twin” of your existing products or services. Because your business is so unique, you simply won’t find any packaged solutions that work out of the box. CoStrategix will develop products that answer your organization’s specific needs. We’ll provide a stellar user experience using modern technology frameworks, integrating with backend systems to orchestrate frictionless delivery of value to end-customers, partners, and employees.

  • Product or platform architecture
  • Product design and development
  • Agile practices
  • Customer journey/experience design
  • Business API design and development
  • Cloud strategy and execution
  • Elevate and co-create with your team
  • Switch from project to product mindset

Technology Modernization

New digital initiatives will push your internal systems to their limits. In order to provide predictable and reliable delivery, your systems need modernization. CoStrategix helps with technology assessments, roadmaps, cost avoidance, total cost of operations, cloud strategy, and end-to-end implementation of solutions with enterprise maturity.

  • Build or buy decisions
  • Iterative transformation vs. big-bang approach
  • Architecture and roadmaps
  • Cloud deployment
  • Agile development and disciplined delivery
  • Quality assurance and DevOps
  • System integrations

User experience


Overhaul your digital touchpoints.Applications are where customers, employees, and ecosystem partners directly interact with your organization, with high expectations for stellar user experiences. Mapping their experience, pain points, and emotions to drive engagement and make connections key in today’s digitally competitive landscape. This workshop guides you through the journey to create amazing user experiences along with a blueprint to implement the solution.

  • Map the current state of your application(s)
  • Map the ideal customer experience with pain points and emotions
  • Recommend approaches to remove friction and increase conversions
  • Formally capture customer journey and engagement
  • Ensure the experience can be implemented with appropriate technology

Business API Layer

CoStrategix helps by evaluating the system footprint, recommending a way to build APIs, centralizing business workflows, and implementing the services for external stakeholder consumption. APIs (application programming interfaces) are a foundation of modern application architecture. They bridge disparate systems, open up boundaries for partners to digitally consume your products and services, creating new value proposition and monetization possibilities.

  • Business API specification
  • Manage API as a product
  • API architecture and implementation
  • Orchestration, security, and scalability
  • Cloud strategy
  • Application modernization

“CoStrategix helped us modernize our internal application for managing our home building projects. The new features and effective interface allowed us to realize immediate operational efficiencies of 50% in some areas and significantly improve the timeliness of our data”



“CoStrategix has led the process of helping us realize our business objectives through an in-depth understanding of our complex industry to drive the architecture, design, and implementation of a sophisticated solution. The final product streamlines our processes and improves our operational efficiency, benefiting both our company and our customers.”

- Ryan Derrow

Chief Media Officer

- John Gimpel

Aero Fulfillment


Retail is a hotbed of technology disruption. In this volatile marketplace, a high-profile consumer brand is rapidly looking to build direct-to-consumer relationships using rapid experimentation, while also generating new revenue streams.

Getting the most from a conference means making the right connections. We developed the Flipdex event engagement platform to make it easier for conference-goers to plan schedules, connect with the right people and increase the return on their conference investment.


We understand that sometimes the hardest part is getting started. We’d love to have a dialog to discuss your options and what we can help you achieve. We’ll use clear, direct language and be respectful of your time.

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