The mobile experience is now the first point of contact between your customer and you. They demand an “always on” experience that is both robust and easy to use. To capitalize on this pervasive form of engagement, you need the latest mobile tools across all platforms. Knowing what your business needs starts with understanding your customers’ wants, needs, and mobile behavior.


A winning, customized mobile strategy.

Being effective in the mobile space begins with understanding your overall company strategy, goals and success measures—as well as market conditions, competitive offerings and customer behaviors. We’ll give you a rock-solid, holistic plan that includes the entire process, from identifying mobile opportunities, to design, development and analysis.


Identify and prioritize your customers’ mobile needs.

People interact with your company in many different ways as they move through the customer journey. By mapping out customer goals, context and motivations, you can better identify which interactions are most valuable to your company, and design mobile experiences that make it easier to generate more sales on any mobile device.


Go beyond apps with total system support.

For your on-the-go customers, apps are just the beginning. We’ll work with you to develop native, hybrid or platform-agnostic progressive web apps (PWA), integrating with the backend systems that add value to your mobile investment. From offline synchronization to interfacing with wearable devices, CoStrategix will develop the right tools for you.


See what’s working and what’s noT.

Your mobile app exists to make it easier for your customers or employees to get things done. But if it keeps crashing or isn’t being used, you’ve got a problem that needs to be fixed. Mobile analytics can help you identify the behavioral and operational issues that keep your customers—and your organization—from reaching their goals, so together we can refine your apps and keep business moving forward.



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