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Start treating your data like one of your most valuable assets. In the past, data analytics was simply viewed as passive information on a dashboard or scorecard. Today, it’s absolutely crucial for gaining competitive advantages, so it’s vital to determine where your organization stands and where to focus.

CoStrategix will get you started and navigate these complicated options. We handle every step from consulting through engineering and execution, with a singular focus on improved business outcomes.

Data & Analytics Competencies

Data & Analytics isn’t just about data visualization tools. There are a few different core areas to get data and analytics right. CoStrategix will work with your organization to practically apply these core concepts, helping you make long-term investment decisions that lead to better operational efficiencies, new revenue growth, and reduced risks.

Data-Strategy Icon

Data Strategy

Clearly understand your options and how to define your Data & Analytics initiative

Data-Engineering Icon

Data Engineering

Make data accessible and available to various data users at the right time.

Data Analytics icon

Data Analytics

Use dashboards to make
data actionable and drive operational efficiencies

Your organization needs high-quality data that is systematically governed to drive business outcomes. The following areas lead to a higher level of maturity of your Data & Analytics program.

Data Governance icon

Data Governance

A solid data governance foundation ensures the quality of your data, giving you the confidence to make informed business decisions.

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Data Products

Infuse intelligent data insights into your applications and products. Build data services that drive new revenue streams or create market advantages.

Swift Assessment® – Data Strategy

In defining your Data & Analytics strategy, our experts look at the horizon and form a practical plan to get there. We tap into our knowledge of various technologies and platforms, cross-pollination of ideas and use-cases with other industries and verticals and create a defined strategy for your organization, with detailed roadmaps and investments required to get to that future state.

The strategy engagement is a focused, efficient and productive workshop, customized for your needs with very tangible deliverables with a stated budget and a timeline. Avoid wasted investments and failed projects as you drive analytics and a data-mindset within your organization.

  • Where can analytics help to drive my operating costs down?
  • What critical data assets and/or 3rd party data can I use?
  • Do I need to modernize my data warehouse?
  • What advantages will I get by using cloud
    data services?
  • How can we drive data-mindset through dashboards and KPIs?
  • To what level of data and analytics maturity should I invest?

Data Engineering IconDATA ENGINEERING

Data Engineering is a critical competency that is often overlooked or improperly executed, making it difficult to derive meaningful insights from your data and leading to lack of trust and low return on investments. CoStrategix brings thought leadership and best practices to create rightsized Data Engineering solutions that keep data flowing to everyone in your organization, creating valuable insights and driving a data-mindset to every aspect of your enterprise.

Modern Data Solution

Technologies and architecture used to implement a data warehouse have evolved dramatically even in the past couple years. CoStrategix helps by applying cloud data services, building future-proof, highly scalable, pay-as-you-go, extensible solutions that not only keep your business operating at peak efficiencies, but also drive net-new revenue streams.

  • Ensure technology can handle your
    business context
  • Capture streaming data from your IoTs / sensors for analysis
  • Utilize cloud technologies for new capabilities in analytics
  • Allow your team to analyze the data easily & create insights
  • Future-proof investments and technology
    that aligns to talent pools
  • Build flexible data pipelines that catch
    issues and ensure data quality
  • Microsoft Azure Data Lakes / AWS S3 based
  • Snowflake / Cloudera / Hortonworks

Data warehouse modernization

Old-school data warehouses, once just a system of reports meant to ensure checks and balances, are being replaced with new systems that drive insights across organizations. Using yesterday’s outdated technologies to drive today’s analytical insights is going to be slow and unproductive. CoStrategix modernizes data warehouses with updated technologies to drive agility, provide news ways to illustrate insights, and drive action.

  • Migrate data from legacy systems
  • Model new data models to improve
    self-serve data analysis
  • Create a sunset plan and plan for
  • Turn capital expenditures into pay-as-use expense
  • Align the technologies with market talent pool
  • Microsoft Azure / AWS / Snowflake

Data Cloud

Today, organizations are attempting to centralize valuable data assets in large data stores, and many are considering cloud as a strategy for implementing these options. CoStrategix can help with defining a comprehensive cloud strategy which includes moving applications to the cloud, re-architecting them while addressing security, business continuity, and other critical scenarios.

  • Create a Data Cloud for your organization
  • Data assets brought together can be valued directly on your balance sheet
  • Replace capital investments in hardware with pay-as-you-go
  • Create elasticity with server capacity to adapt to varying workloads (e.g. end-of- year processing)
  • Improve your disaster planning and recovery
  • Mitigate risks and build strong business continuity plans

Dataops (Data Operations)

Implementing a modern data platform is just the beginning. To drive complex and mission-critical business processes, we need to rapidly and routinely extract data sets, then analyze and deliver insights, typically in a feedback-driven, cyclical loop. Without this competency, there is a risk of never reaching your data platform’s true potential, leading to suboptimal ROIs and even a negative reversal of well-intended strategies. CoStrategix brings an operations mindset — an agile, collaborative and change-friendly approach to managing data pipelines, collaborating with business stakeholders and reducing the cycle time of value capture with analytics.

  • Ongoing team-in-a-box concept
  • Continuous delivery
  • Process and tools framework
  • Business stakeholder interaction
  • Handle platform management: costs, scalability
  • Security and compliance requirements

Data-Analytics IconData Analytics

Your organization has valuable data hidden in various systems and Excel spreadsheets. The challenge is to make it “actionable.” As humans we’re not good at making sense of tabular data. But CoStrategix makes sense of it all through storytelling and design and visualization tools that ultimately drives an organization data-mindset. We also use Machine Learning to create advanced insights and drive business outcomes.

Dashboards and Visualizations

Driving data literacy and a data mindset within your organization is difficult and leads to limited engagement with visualization tools. We help bring a “data storytelling approach” coupled with design and end-to-end implementation to cross the barriers and drive action based on data insights.

  • Data storytelling
  • Design that drives dashboards and
    data mindset
  • Driving self-exploration and self-service
  • Migration of legacy reports to modern dashboards
  • Visualization design, development and
    quality assurance
  • Microsoft Power BI partner

Data Science / Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a discipline of artificial intelligence that involves using mathematical models to extract knowledge and insights from data. CoStrategix has developed numerous ML models that help identify right-use cases, framing the problem so we can apply mathematical models and deploy the solution for day-to-day decision making.

  • Framing business problems for ML solution
  • Assess data for ML models, create training & validation datasets
  • Model deployment and management
  • Data Engineering, feature definition and extraction
  • Enhancing metadata with third-party
  • Python, R, Jupyter, Azure Machine Learning and SageMaker

Data Governance IconData Governance

You can’t apply Data & Analytics and exploit business opportunities if you can’t trust the quality of the data. To drive business insights fast and predictably, you need a set of principles and metrics that ensure your data is effective. CoStrategix will implement data governance practices along with supporting competencies in data quality, data catalogs and other key areas.

Data Governance Framework

Your general business practices won’t ensure data and analytics effectiveness — you need an “intentional” approach that is unique to your organization. CoStrategix works with your IT and business stakeholders to orchestrate the people, processes and technology required to manage
critical data assets. We help define roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures to ensure that data is accurate, consistent, secure and aligns with your overall business objectives.

  • Governance processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Data stewardship
  • Define business processes, glossary
  • Master data management (MDM)
  • Data quality / metrics
  • Metadata enrichment
  • Data catalogs

Data Quality

Multiple criteria determine the quality of your data and determine if it will can effectively provide insights to be used in decision-making. CoStrategix can help measure data quality and optimize objective measures such as accuracy, consistency, completeness, and more, in including subjective measures such as relevancy, interpretability, etc. for your organization.

  • Data Quality assessment
  • Data Quality metrics definition
  • Solutions to improve data quality
  • Data Quality ML models

Data cataloging

If your organization has multiple distributed data sources, it’s challenging to find, inventory and analyze vast and diverse data sets. We can implement data catalogs that maintain an inventory of all data assets and help in discovery and organization. Using data catalogs helps stakeholders who consume data to extract insights faster.

  • Discovery of data assets
  • Enrichment/metadata
  • ML based augmentation
  • Collibra Data Catalog partner

Data Products IconData PRODUCTS

Data & Analytics insights open opportunities for monetization that lead to new revenue streams. Information-driven products create customer value propositions leading to significant competitive advantages. CoStrategix brings competencies to build product platforms, applications or just data
services to deliver such advantages.

Data Monetization

Turn data assets into results by conceptualizing products, building proof-of-concepts to gauge market interest, getting validation and creating a product platform buildout. CoStrategix can help craft transformation strategies using Data & Analytics and help execute it in measured ways.

  • Strategy formulation: product conception/ validation
  • Product platform architecture &
  • Application design & development
  • Data exchanges
  • Snowflake partner

Intelligent Data services / APIs

Stay ahead of the curve by infusing intelligence and predictive features directly into your applications and products. CoStrategix can help define and rationalize use cases, build proof-of-
concepts, provide validations and implementation that lead to application features yielding significant differentiation and competitive advantages.

  • Data API services architecture and implementation
  • API monetization

Embedded Analytics

To help deliver insights to the right people at the right time and drive action, Data & Analytics must
be baked into standard interactions people have with systems in their daily work.
We can help
embed abilities to “slice and dice” data and provide insights within your existing applications.

  • Embed analytics into applications
  • Solution architecture, design & development
  • Self-serve analytics
  • Integrated workflows
  • Predictive analytics

“CoStrategix helped us modernize our internal application for managing our home building projects. The new features and effective interface allowed us to realize immediate operational efficiencies of 50% in some areas and significantly improve the timeliness of our data”



“CoStrategix has led the process of helping us realize our business objectives through an in-depth understanding of our complex industry to drive the architecture, design, and implementation of a sophisticated solution. The final product streamlines our processes and improves our operational efficiency, benefiting both our company and our customers.”

- Ryan Derrow

Chief Media Officer

- John Gimpel

Aero Fulfillment

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