There are vast possibilities with digital and data today. As a partner, CoStrategix will help strategically navigate decisions and execute initiatives. Here are a few examples of how we’ve brought together innovation, strategy, customer experiences, and technology to help our clients reinvent their business for the digital and data age.

Media Company Digital Transformation

A digital media agency, is exploring new revenue opportunities, capture different segment of market and increase marketshare. How can we bring a high-touch experience using today's digital technologies and get closer to customer? Can we capture a net-new revenue stream in an operationally efficient manner? This was the premise of the digital strategy engagement followed by execution.

Transportation Services and Logistics Provider

Our client is a leading provider of transportation services and looking to drive insights within organization to make informed decisions. CoStrategix worked with the client to define their enterprise data and analytics strategy, create an architecture for modern data cloud, and drive insights to drive operational efficiencies and mitigate business risks.

Beverage Industry Intermediary

Organizations have a multitude of data assets - it may not be top of mind. Our client, a beverage industry intermediary providing financial services has strategic data assets that could power the organizations core growth strategy. See how CoStrategix was engaged to a frame comprehensive data and analytics strategy with a modern data cloud footprint implementation to deliver on business imperatives.


Retail is a hotbed of technology disruption. In this volatile marketplace, a high-profile consumer brand is rapidly looking to build direct-to-consumer relationships using rapid experimentation, while also generating new revenue streams.


Fast Park, an offsite airport parking company, was looking to serve their customers through the use of digital technologies. They were looking for a partner to help frame a digital transformation strategy, refine possibilities to make informed investments, create an execution roadmap, and modernizing backend IT systems.


Getting the most from a conference means making the right connections. We developed the Flipdex event engagement platform to make it easier for conference-goers to plan schedules, connect with the right people and increase the return on their conference investment.

“CoStrategix helped us modernize our internal application for managing our home building projects. The new features and effective interface allowed us to realize immediate operational efficiencies of 50% in some areas and significantly improve the timeliness of our data”



“CoStrategix has led the process of helping us realize our business objectives through an in-depth understanding of our complex industry to drive the architecture, design, and implementation of a sophisticated solution. The final product streamlines our processes and improves our operational efficiency, benefiting both our company and our customers.”

- Ryan Derrow

Chief Media Officer

- John Gimpel

Aero Fulfillment


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