Don’t just work. Thrive.

Even though we geek out over all things digital, we collectively have an analog soul. CoStrategix is a place of collaborative problem-solving. Our goal is for you to go home every day a little smarter than you came in.

gixer[ jix-ser ] sound


Insatiably curious, digital-minded critical thinkers obsessed with creative problem-solving, developing their talents and skills and a never-ending desire to learn.

We are problem solvers who boldly take on new challenges daily with an unrelenting will. We are stewards of our customers’ best interests, focused on creating outcomes that serve their needs and move their business forward. We are a collective force, working harmoniously in an open and honest culture that fosters exponentially better results through collaboration. We are humble and honest human beings, fully aware that we have much to learn, and that nothing is so important that it should compromise our integrity.

Why we’re here

The reason we jump out of our bed everyday and get to work!


To tap into our collective curiosity so that we can realize new possibilities. We believe acquiring new learnings and experiences is key to transformative shifts both at a personal level and for the lives & communities we interact with.


We focus on building Digital Platforms, Data & Analytics and Digital Commerce for large Fortune 1000 customers. We bring business thought leadership & technology expertise to partner and drive business outcomes for our customers.


CoStrategix started in 2006, has evolved and grown over time, shifting its focus from helping startups - over 150 of them to today, serving Fortune 500 companies and mid-market companies that realize digital is the future. They aren’t sticking their toe in the water—they’re looking to elevate and capitalize on digital and data technologies. The founder and the team have always been on the leading-edge side of technologies. The passion to learn, apply, and create value led us to build solutions that capture digital and data possibilities for our customers. Our deep-engineering expertise, design competencies, and a robust software delivery capability positions us as a Digital Strategy+Execution Partner for organizations looking to rethink their existing business models towards the Digital future. As GIXERS, we’re very intentional about our use of technology to drive outcomes.

We’re not afraid of challenges. In fact, we seek them out, and we push ourselves well beyond what is typically expected. And we’re real, down-to-earth problem solvers. We say no to bureaucracy, and keep processes to a minimum. After all, transformation can’t happen if you’re entangled in red tape.

  • We’re a Strategy + Execution firm (not limited to a staff augmentation)
  • Serving Fortune 500 Companies and Mid-market firms
  • Digital platforms for over 75 funded start-ups
  • Trail of patents and intellectual property for our customers
  • Large-scale Data handling expertise with data engineering and data science
  • Modern technology engineering team
  • Strong digital UI/UX design competencies
  • Partnerships with Microsoft and other product platforms
  • Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH with Engineering Center in Bangalore, India
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“The CoStrategix culture has changed the way I work with colleagues, customers, and the balance I use for my work and personal life. The trust CoStrategix puts in each person allows us to become more personable, accountable to ourselves, and achieve great things together as a team.”

- Sam Edaili,


Costrategix Gixer Picture

“CoStrategix provides a culture where each employee is supported and encouraged to do their best work, and be their most productive. Any obstacles, such as out-dated tools, redundant processes, conflicting politics, and divisional boundaries are minimized as we all pull together towards the common goal of success.”

- Jeremy Henry,


Costrategix Gixer Picture

“CoStrategix has an open culture and flat hierarchy which I like very much. It’s an energetic, proactive and inclusive culture. CoStrategix drives its people to live by its core values. There is a lot of learning, gaining valuable experiences, and making friends in a warm and comfortable environment.”

- Chandresh Modi,


The Gixer Top Ten

Because we’re so focused on outcomes instead of simply providing solutions, we work in an environment geared towards getting things right rather than just getting them out the door. And you’re the most important part of that formula.

We are intense
We are intense.

Our intensity comes from passion - that’s the only way to transform.

We invest in learning
We invest in learning.

We know new
skills will help you to grow with us.

We rise to challenges
We rise to challenges.

We never, ever take the easy way out.

We are experimenters
We are experimenters.

We try new things without the fear of failure.

We actively pursue knowledge
We actively pursue knowledge.

We’re humble enough to know we don’t know
it all.

We have no room for mediocrity
We have no room for mediocrity.

Anyone can be average. But not

We don’t 
practice politics
We don’t practice politics.

No hierarchies,
no drama, no BS.

We believe 
in autonomy
We believe
in autonomy.

We trust in your judgment and your ability to get
things done.

We share information
We share information.

We unselfishly collaborate and elevate each other.

We let you 
be heard
We let you
be heard.

We know you have great things to say, so we always listen.

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