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Reflections On The Costrategix Technology Accelerator Program

Gixer Stories

CoStrategix’s Technology Accelerator Program helps early-career employees learn leading-edge technology skills. It helps train new Gixers to take on new client projects and advance their careers.


The Accelerator is organized into 3-month cohorts, where teams focus on a particular skill set – such as Azure development, AWS development, frontend development, UI/UX design, and more. In 2022 alone, this program enabled us to grow our workforce by 15%.

Here, we go behind the scenes with some freshers (recent grads) to get their reflections on their experiences in our Technology Accelerator Program:

What made the CoStrategix Technology Accelerator Program different from your university studies?

The emphasis on hands-on learning was truly unique. The classes were interactive and rigorous, and we had access to top-notch mentors, including one-on-one interactions. My mentor provided very important input at places when I was stuck and helped me set my foot in the right direction. The Capstone project was a highlight, as it gave me an opportunity to apply what I had learned on the theoretical side in a real-world scenario. ~ Aman S.

The best part about my mentor was how he explained things so that they were crystal clear. Also, right from the beginning he focused on getting me clear about the underlying foundation for the capstone project – understanding the services and tools required – rather than getting lost in the details. In my mind, he is what an ideal mentor should be, and I have a lot to learn from him. ~ Anirudh D.

My capstone project was to create APIs for a client portal using Java Spring Boot, SQL, and AWS for deployment. The capstone project was a great learning experience, not only for technical skills but also for collaborating with colleagues and learning about agile practices. ~ Naveen MS

What was the best piece of career advice that you took away?

Technology is constantly evolving, so staying up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques is crucial not only for my personal success but also for helping my employer grow. This program helped me develop a growth mindset and instilled in me the importance of staying curious and open-minded. ~ Aman S.

One of the important things that I learned is how teamwork is a critical factor in any project. And not just with my colleagues. Working closely alongside clients enables companies to provide better customer satisfaction. ~ Anirudh D.

To me, knowledge is like a never-ending book by your favorite author. Through this program, I learned that knowledge is not only confined to schools and universities but also to your workplace. ~ Ayush P.

Did the Technology Accelerator Program help you better understand how to succeed at work?

When all of the tech accelerator cohorts met together in person for a two-week workshop at the CoStrategix office, this was a great opportunity to make connections with my colleagues, as well as managers and team leads. ~ Aishwarya D.

Meeting my peers and mentors face to face, and getting to know each other personally was one of the best parts. I made connections with Java developers, the .Net team, the QA team, the US-based teams, and others. ~ Anirudh D.

As a fresher just out of university, I was excited about this opportunity. Unfortunately, on the day of my interview, my laptop stopped working. I felt hopeless, expecting that HR wouldn’t agree to a phone interview because I wouldn’t be able to demo my coding. To my surprise, they were willing to take my interview on the phone. This gave me insight as to how supportive and helpful people would be at Costrategix. ~ Aman S.

What was the most fun part?

Definitely, eating out at the buffet. Plate after plate, with endless talking, enjoying the food, and getting to know each other – was a highlight. Also, my family was surprised that we got the opportunity to interact with the CEO and all the other senior leaders. ~ Anirudh D.

The warm welcome and open work culture instantly made me feel like I was a part of the CoStrategix ‘family.’ But my favorite part was at the end of the workshop when we played ‘Antakshari.’ It concluded in a stalemate, and then we had a little singing show. That was a lot of fun. ~ Ayush P.

One game I enjoyed was when our teams raced each other with a tennis ball held in a spoon to touch the opposite wall and back. If we dropped the ball, then we had to start from the beginning. This was really fun to watch and play – especially the part where we tried to distract the opposing team. ~ Aman S.

Why did you join the Accelerator Program in the first place?

When I was younger, I was fascinated with computers and the Internet. Just playing around with MS Paint was so much fun. I took computer science as a minor when I joined for my intermediate, and that’s when I realized I was truly interested in the field. I have a degree in Computer Science Engineering with Specialization in Gaming Technology. This program gave me the opportunity to explore new technologies and develop my knowledge and skills in AWS. ~ Ayush P.

While I got my degree in engineering in electronics and communication, I have always been interested in computer science. I learned C++ in 12th grade and gained new skills through the Coding Club in college. I was excited that this Technology Accelerator would be able to help me kickstart my career in technology. ~ Naveen MS

Any final thoughts?

The program is rigorous, and well-structured, and provides participants with the necessary tools and mentoring to succeed in the industry, contribute to CoStrategix, and have a great budding career. This has been a transformative experience for me. ~ Aman S.

I am very glad to join CoStrategix as my first company. The Gixer culture is one that I had always hoped to find, and I enjoy being surrounded by dedicated and knowledgeable people. While I am more of an introvert, I can definitely say that our mentors and other amazing people made us comfortable enough that there was no room for shyness. ~ Anirudh D.

Every day at CoStrategix I learn new things. I have to keep up with different technologies and AWS services. CoStrategix also holds knowledge-sharing sessions. These all help me think more broadly and become more well-rounded in my career. ~ Aishwarya D.

Now, working at the CoStrategix office almost every day, I continue to collaborate with the same colleagues and mentors I met through the Technology Accelerator. I really believe the program helped me understand and acclimate to the CoStrategix culture more quickly. ~ Naveen MS