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Setting Goals for Yourself is the Key to Motivation

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I believe that setting goals for yourself is critical to motivation. I might want to do something, but until I set a tangible goal, it probably won’t happen. That goes for triathlon racing, vacationing… and work, too.

Setting goals for yourself is key to motivation

My colleagues might have thought I was a bit dopey for running the Walt Disney Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles over 4 consecutive days). And for competing the very next weekend in the St. Pete Beach Classic (26.2 miles over 2 consecutive days). But for me, these were just goalposts along my fitness journey.

My other favorite hobby is traveling. One of my most memorable vacations was to Southwest Ireland. I loved the jewel-green landscapes, hiking in Killarney National Park, trying local cuisine in Kenmare, and visiting the Cliffs of Moher. It’s eye-opening to learn about different histories, cultures, food, and people. But importantly – before I left for this trip, I already had my next vacation planned and on the books!

Training for athletic events is really hard. And it’s easy to get a bit depressed when you come home from a fabulous trip. I stay motivated by always planning for the next… what’s the next race I will run/bike/swim? What’s the next vacation I will take?

Setting-Goals-insetI may have picked up this practice from work. As Vice President of Delivery at CoStrategix, I’m always planning for the “next.” From resource planning through project execution through managed services, milestones help keep us on track. For instance, we measure the burn-down rate to make sure that the project stays on track to meet its goals.

Working in software delivery management, there are lots of moving parts, and the work can demand long hours sometimes. For me, setting goals is absolutely critical to motivation. I coach young people just starting their careers about the importance of completely removing yourself from the work environment to prevent burnout. I always ask people where is their “next-next” vacation, even when they are just getting excited about a vacation coming up. Having the next goal – whether it is a project, athletic event, or vacation – to look forward to helps drive motivation forward.

About 15 years ago, I watched a program on television about the Hawaii Kona Ironman Challenge. I was amazed by what those people could do! I wanted to see whether I could ever do something like that.

I learned there are four triathlon types:

  • Sprint – 0.5km to 0.75km swim (0.3 to 0.5 mile), 20km to 22km bike (12.4 to 13 miles), and 5km run (3.1 miles)
  • Olympic – 1.5km swim (0.9 miles), 40km bike (24.9 miles), and 10km run (6.2 miles)
  • Half Iron – 1.9km swim (1.2 miles), 90km bike (55.9 miles), and 21km run (13 miles)
  • Ironman – 3.8km swim (2.4 miles), 180km bike (111.8 miles), and 42km run (26.2 miles — a marathon)

I started with a Sprint, and guess, what – I could do it! I currently participate in Olympic-type races. To keep me motivated, I sign up for one running event, one biking event, and one triathlon each year. I know that I must train for these, or suffer the pain of being ill-prepared. I don’t want to get injured, and I don’t like suffering. Having a husband who is a physical therapist has its benefits!

My ultimate goal is still to complete an Ironman, and I’m working to build up to that. This will require not only significant training time but also a commitment to strength-building and changing my nutrition to fuel that level of exercise.

My passion for triathlon racing has cultivated resilience, determination, and a growth mindset. As I continue to navigate life’s challenges and pursue new aspirations, setting goals is the foundation for me to stay motivated to accomplish my dreams. With the right goals in sight, anything feels possible!

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