Gixer Stories

Embracing Agile Learning

Gixer Stories

One of CoStrategix’s core values is: Keep the Pursuit of Learning Alive.


At CoStrategix, we apply an agile learning model to development. That way, our company can flex with the marketplace of changing needs. We also encourage cross-training of skills so that you can work on many types of projects and continue to be challenged. That is a win-win since a flexible workforce enables CoStrategix as a whole to enhance our agility and innovation.

We call CoStrategix employees “Gixers.” While the term stems from the last 3 letters in our company name, it is also a reminder that we should all be curious and strategic thinkers. Here’s how we have adopted agile learning practices into our workplace:

Access to Learning Resources

All Gixers have personal access to Udemy Business, the learning platform. That means that you are entitled to over 6,000 online micro-learning courses on demand. Courses are broken into bite-sized, interactive chapters so you can study when you have the time. The platform also makes it easy to track your progress.

Time to Learn

Everyone is given the time needed to learn. We don’t dedicate set hours to learning, because the need for acquiring new skills ebbs and flows according to the projects you’re working on. However, learning is expected to be a part of your work at CoStrategix.

Social Learning

When we share knowledge with colleagues, we compound the impact on our community. CoStrategix holds All Hands meetings and Demo Days where everyone can and does learn from and with each other.

Experiential Learning

We cannot predict the skills of the future. In fact, Gartner has said that over 29% of the skills needed to do a job in 2018 were obsolete by 2022! We encourage just-in-time learning – that is, learning while doing. Most people find they learn best in just-in-time microbursts, so they can apply their new knowledge in the course of providing value to clients.


Learning is a continuous activity that is embedded in real-time in the flow of our work. Your supervisors and colleagues bring their own skill sets to each and every project. They come from a variety of backgrounds and domains and enthusiastically mentor other members of the team.

Your Professional Learning Plan

You direct your own learning path, in collaboration with your supervisor, so you are inspired to guide your own journey. We value a growth mindset over your current skillset because we know that learning is iterative. You will find dynamic pathways to upskill – progressively layering your knowledge to increase your mastery of the skills.

Knowledge Is Rewarded

We promote from within. While we are generally a very flat organization, there is no lack of opportunities for leadership, mentoring, and increased levels of responsibility. Your future role depends on the changing organizational landscape (and really, when do things in technology ever stand still?) as well as on your preferences. You will be challenged!

If you’re a high-performer looking for your next challenge and want to continue learning and growing in your career, join our team.