CoStrategix Was Proud to Sponsor the INTERalliance TechOlympics 2022

CoStrategix was proud to be a Torch sponsor of the TechOlympics Conference and Hackathon, organized by the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati.


TechOlympics is the largest student-run tech event in the country. The event attracted some 300 students who participated in presentations and workshops from 35 area companies. The students also had the opportunity to compete against other schools in challenges ranging from programming to design to networking. Students received hands-on assistance with creating a professional resume and learning how to conduct themselves during a formal job interview. This year the event was virtual and was split over two weekends betewen February 18 – 28, 2022.

Here is what Gixers (CoStrategix employees) had to say about their experiences at the event:

  • “It was very exciting to see the engagement of students when we got into the hands-on Power BI workshop. The students were able to make graphs, pull interesting insights from data about high-grossing films, and present this in a clear and concise way. I hope this workshop planted a seed for the next generation of analytically-minded students.” ~ Blake Schemine, Data Analyst
  • “As someone who found their way into the data world through a non-traditional pathway, it was important to me to show these students that there are many different avenues to work with technology. It just takes curiosity and an openness to find creative new ways to communicate and interact. Without a well-designed chart, the data does not tell a cohesive story” ~ Chris Henneman, UI/UX Designer
  • “I was very impressed by the level of professionalism these students displayed in the Hackathon. It’s heartening to see what the next generation is capable of.” ~ Sam Edaili, Senior Project Manager
  • “I very much enjoy coaching and mentoring young adults on career development. Even while they’re in high school, they can use their experiences to demonstrate transferable skills – such as time management, teamwork, and communication – to land future internships and jobs. I was quite impressed with the students who led and participated in this event.” ~ Sondra Reed, Director of HR
  • “It’s such a pleasure to mentor young people who are so eager to learn. These students already have amazing experiences to draw from, and many may take on careers that didn’t even exist when they were born.” ~ Audrey Ronis-Tobin, Director of Marketing

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