Unsolved Data Mysteries – How to Overcome Data Roadblocks


We all know that enabling data requires a Data Strategy, Organizational Buy-In, Governance, and Data Literacy.

But what happens when you don’t have those key elements? This panel from the CDO Magazine Summit discussed real cases of perplexing data vanishings, shocking tales of unorthodox leadership buy-in, and supernatural data strategies. The audience brought their own “stranger things” stories, and the panel responded to the audience’s “common sense abduction” inquiries.

  • What is your biggest roadblock to gaining leadership and organizational buy-in?
  • How is data literacy hindering your data projects? data enablement initiatives?
  • Does your organization see governance as an opportunity/advantage?

Moderator:  Matt Wehrman, Director of Enterprise Architecture, CoStrategix
Speaker: Jill Campbell, Board of Advisors at Franciscan Press
Speaker: Deval Motka,VP and Chief Data Officer at Genesco
Speaker: Jonathan Paul, VP, Director of IT Data Governance at Fifth Third Bank