Technology and Digital Trends to Shape Your Strategic Plan


This last year forced companies to make complex decisions on the fly, accelerate digital adoption, and become even more nimble as we navigate changing market demands. Join us for a webinar that will highlight eight key digital and technology trends to help you frame your data strategy as we continue the journey forward into the future of digital transformation.


Concepts will include:

  • Digital offensive and defensive strategies
  • Data and analytics possibilities
  • Areas to invest and build capability
  • Technology modernization – driving speed and flexibility
  • Case studies and examples to illustrate concepts above

Business and technology leaders will walk away with practical strategic plays and ideas to inform your 2021 strategic planning process.

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Nandagopal (Nan) Jayaram, Founder and CEO

Nan’s passion is to help craft Digital and Data strategies that drive new revenue streams and operational efficiencies. He loves to stay on the leading edge of all things related to digital transformation, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Nan defines his mission as tapping into the collective curiosity of employees and partners to create new possibilities for customers, communities, and each other.