Power Better Insights with Power BI Embedded in Your Application


Data visualization is a game-changing tool for powering your data analytics, and Microsoft Power BI continues to gain strength as the go-to solution for data visualization. In this webinar, you will learn how to move beyond traditional self-service dashboards to create powerful dashboards and embed them into your applications seamlessly. Embedding Power BI into applications creates data-rich experiences for your end-users and makes data actionable, so you can drive business outcomes.


You’ll learn when it makes sense to embed Microsoft Power BI into your application, some high-level concepts on how to configure Power BI in your environment, and the basics for writing your first embedded application. This webinar is a must-see for business/product leaders, data analysts, and DevOps teams who use or want to use Power BI.

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Greg Fritz, Solutions Architect

Greg Fritz is a technology leader who brings a practical approach to problem-solving and data solutions.  He thoroughly enjoys the continuous learning process that promotes new ideas and new ways of thinking about solutions. His decades-long career in technology has provided him the experience needed to architect smart solutions that drive business value, and he takes great pride in the business partnerships he has developed with customers over the years. In his spare time, Greg likes to relax in the outdoors and run. He has achieved Microsoft Partner Network “Cloud Platform for Technical” competency, and he maintains multiple Snowflake certifications.


Tarun Sareen, Technical Staff 

Technical lead in the areas of big data, business intelligence, and data analytics. He is a certified project manager and scrum master with experience as a technical architect and project lead in technology, healthcare, and other industries. He is certified in SnowPro® Core (Snowflake certification). A food enthusiast, Tarun likes to explore various cuisines and is also a certified Chocolatier.