Frameworks to Drive Digital Innovation


Digital innovation is the key to staying relevant in today’s business world.


With post-Covid demand for your products and services, now is the time to think about digital patterns that your organization can apply to create new revenue streams and build competitive advantages. In this webinar, we will walk you through the critical digital patterns that can help you drive business value in your organization, including:

  • Digital patterns that drive innovation
  • Building an innovation culture and a growth mindset
  • Navigating constraints around technology, budgets, and enrolling people

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John Kitson, Business and Data Analyst

John started out working on the modernization of operations in the utility industry and quickly realized he had strength in data analysis and product development. He worked as a change leader overseeing product development and operations in various industries. Today, John helps customers find value in their data and actualize digital transformation. John is the proud father of a 1-year-old daughter and loves imagineering and cooking.