Digital is changing the way the world works, and consequently the way we live. Imagine waking up every day knowing you’re part of the digital revolution, helping companies transform communities and make lives better around the globe. Go ahead and be proud of yourself. It’s a pretty great feeling.

At CoStrategix, we don’t want employees. We want Gixers: the ultimate digital rock stars who absolutely live for creative problem solving, and imagining solutions that will help transform the world– one company at a time. Sound like you? Then let’s talk, because we have a ton of great work that’s missing only one thing: You.



Meet JIM

Senior Business Analyst

WORK: Documents and analyzes client requirements

HOME: Cycling, music, exercise and home improvement


Business Analyst

WORK: Gathers business requirements and strengthens client relationships

HOME: Travel, networking and creating new and unique life experiences

Meet Greg

Solutions Architect

WORK: Makes CoStrategix projects successful

HOME: Learning, restaurants, wine, golf, fishing and Manchester United

Meet Chandresh

Manager, Software Engineering

WORK: Manages dev projects and a team of passionate rockstars

HOME: Singing (in the shower), synthesizer, movies, traveling and nature

Meet Sandeep

Tech Lead

WORK: Guides teams to project completion

HOME: Music and driving (the ultimate destressor)

Meet Vasanthi

Manager, UI/UX

WORK: Enjoys customer journey mapping, clean and simple design, user experience

HOME: Photography