Paving the Road to Digital

Fast Park, an offsite airport parking company, was growing quickly. They wanted to scale that growth, create competitive advantage and serve their customers better through the use of digital strategy. They needed help understanding digital possibilities, creating a roadmap and modernizing their IT systems.

Multinational Consumer Goods Corporation

Retail is a hotbed of technology disruption. In this volatile marketplace, a high-profile consumer brand is rapidly looking to build direct-to-consumer relationships using rapid experimentation, while also generating new revenue streams.


Getting the most from a conference means making the right connections. We developed the Flipdex event engagement platform to make it easier for conference-goers to plan schedules, connect with the right people and increase the return on their conference investment.


The Problem:

Sports Analytics
An NFL team wants to use analytics and technology on the field to help their scouts make data-driven decisions around player selection and development.

The Solution:

CoStrategix assessed the current situation and created an implementation roadmap. We designed a player development and scouting system with a focus on data collection and analytics insights.

The Problem:

Monetizing Data Assets
A financial transaction services company wants to get more value from the large amounts of data assets the company collects—and they want to do it by monetizing that data.

The Solution:

CoStrategix assessed existing data assets and created a modern enterprise data framework. We applied machine learning and data services layers so the organization could monetize their data, creating new sources of revenue.

The Problem:

Customer Engagement
A casual restaurant chain with more than half a million locations worldwide wants to refresh their web and mobile presence while easing technology challenges.

The Solution:

CoStrategix provided a solution to engage customers through web and mobile, including analytics, customer journey heatmaps, and scalable cloud systems for heavy traffic periods, ensuring 24x7 availability.

The Problem:

B2B Commerce
A company that owns several brands of beverage mixers wants to bring those brands together on a B2B e-commerce platform, creating a new revenue stream.

The Solution:

CoStrategix performed a content audit for each brand, assessed customers and created a new B2B e-commerce platform, which allows customers to place orders 24x7 while avoiding channel conflicts.

The Problem:

Modernizing Systems
A large transportation construction company wants to upgrade the existing, fragmented software that powers their processes across different business units.

The Solution:

CoStrategix created a map of existing systems, recommended modernization strategies, and wrote an API layer that will help the company scale business services in a future-proof way.

The Problem:

Improving Patient Engagement
A clinical trial company seeks to improve the patient engagement process, providing them with more satisfying experiences through mobile technology.

The Solution:

CoStrategix created patient journey maps to help the company better understand patient interactions, and implemented a mobile app on both iOS and Android using Xamarin technology for a better customer experience.

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We think chatbots will change the dynamics of customer engagement. We built a prototype that takes text data and learns while responding to queries in a conversational manner.

Amazon Alexa App

Consumers are using voice assistance to simplify their lives. We built a prototype that helps you reserve a parking space by telling Alexa the date and number of days you need to reserve.

Data Classifier – Machine Learning

How do you classify more than a million lines of semi-structured data each day without human effort? We wrote a machine learning classifier and trained the model to do just that.


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