The All Day Impulse Shopping Experience

In marketing we’ve long referred to consumer habit shifts to shorter and more digestible bits of content as “snacking.” This preference for a rush to the quips, blurbs and short take-aways reminds me of the “how many licks” Tootsie Pop advertising campaign of the 70’s. Where consumers used to seek out the best shopping experience journey they are now moving towards the “applification” of shopping – opting to bite into the center of what they want/need/crave rather than dally around the edges of an in-person or even desk-top experience no matter how delicious or user-friendly. Providing shoppers with a simplified one-click ordering option via mobile devices may even cut into profitability for merchants (higher single item shipping costs and lower total transaction averages) but can improve volume and loyalty. Think daily lower cost items for busy new parents (diapers, wipes) versus purchasing a new car or computer where research might more easily be accomplished from a desktop or showroom.

According to Shoppers Flock to Apps, Shaking Up Retail, single item purchases on phones allow for highly customized targeting based on location – and not just for customers who have crossed the store threshold. Interestingly some retailers can even predict a customer’s buying power by reading feedback on the type of device used to access the mobile site. The more expensive the device, the higher the potential spend.

If serving up your business hours and a mobile version of your desktop website encompasses your mobile digital strategy consider this: creating a railway of communications between you and your customers that catches them in the moment is paramount to driving engagement and behavior – if you aren’t moving in that direction be certain your competition is. For an excellent look at how businesses are capturing customers in relevant moments check out this short video of the new Amazon Tap:

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