Technology is evolving by the second. Technology adoption cycles are shorter. Identifying critical emerging technologies and operationalizing it requires careful identification and practicality.

Businesses that can detect and operationalize emerging technologies can break away from the pack and disrupt existing business models or gain significant competitive advantage.

Gixer Labs is our innovation lab where we prototype early stage technologies and innovate for our customers. We become your ‘skunkworks’ team where we do the research, prove out new technologies and operationalize it rapidly and cost effectively.

We are working with Wearables (Google Glass, Oculus), 3D printers, Internet of Things and other newer technologies. We also partner to build hardware systems needed in the solution footprint for our customers. In addition, we also work on latest software frameworks, toolkits, newer approaches as part of this practice.



The Reality

  • Guessing and chasing which ones will change the world is everyone’s focus.
  • Businesses need to be in the forefront of emerging technology development lifecycle.

Our Strengths

  • Wide range of software expertise.

  • Approach new software and technology as an opportunity to change the end-user’s life for the better in ways never conceived before.

  • Gixer Labs is an innovation commitment to ourselves and our clients. We have a dedicated team built for researching, testing, and integrating the newest of the new technology.

  • We push the envelope to put the most up and coming technology in your hands.

  • CoStrategix commitment of continuous education and emerging technology.

CoStrategix worked with us to develop an innovative heuristics engine deployed as a mobile iOS app. They delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations.

William Kays – Chief Innovation Officer Apollo Home

CoStrategix is an absolute trusted adviser and extension of our business. We have been doing work the better part of the last 5 years. They offer a very broad set of capabilities and have extremely deep expertise

CEO of retail company

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