New Technology and Putting the Customer First

We feel pretty lucky to work at a digital technology consulting firm that values our own learning and growth. We get to play with new stuff all the time and envision how our customers are going to be able to use new-to-market devices and applications even before they’ve held one in their hands. It was almost an after-thought to polish up a 3-D printer to take with us to the D2 Digital Dialogue Conference last week – but it was easily the most popular non-virtual technology at the event (the coolest virtual technology was the CoStrategix Gixer App, of course!)

It is easy to forget how unique a Polar 3-D printer is when you see them every day – until you see them again through the eyes of someone who has only read about 3-D printers (if you really want to get to get up close and personal with a 3-D Printer check out the Cincinnati Public Library’s new Maker Space.) But it makes us wonder how other technology firms can manage to stay ahead of customer needs without first “lifting the hood” on new technologies. At CoStrategix we consider it our solemn duty to take on this challenge.

Yes, we are “those” people – the early adopters.

We have to admit we got pretty fired up after seeing the Campbell’s branded Amazon Echo highlighted at the Conference. High marks for early adoption as the first consumer brand “skill” entry for the Amazon Echo. Possible applications for our customers are already dancing like sugar plums over our heads. Understanding the technology behind developing “the skills” is critical to providing our customers with a full range of rapid development options. How else can our customers stay ahead of their competition unless we already know how to best adopt, adapt and deploy it?

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