Business Outcomes

  • A solid foundation for the digital age
  • A new revenue stream that is rapidly growing


  • Digital workshop
  • Web/Mobile implementation
  • Business API layer
  • System modernization
  • Expertise acceleration


  • 7 Months
  • Ongoing support


  • Microsoft .Net
  • AWS Cloud
  • DotNetNuke CMS


  • Continuous integration
  • Agile

Like many industries, parking services are undergoing major technology shifts. Fast Park, an offsite airport parking company, was looking for ways to create competitive advantages and position itself for success in the new digital age.

For decades, Fast Park built its name and reputation on discovering innovative ways to make airport parking as effortless as possible. With a fanatic customer base and expanding locations, they needed to better understand how they could serve the increasingly digital needs of their customers. As mobile engagement, loyalty programs, analytics, and other digital initiatives continued to rise, they sought to rethink their business from a digital standpoint.

CoStrategix kicked off the project with a Digital Discovery workshop that analyzed the company’s competitors, customers, technologies, data, innovation and value creation ecosystem. This engagement framed the company’s digital initiatives and served as the foundation for their roadmap and execution plan.

Next, the team moved onto revamping web and mobile experiences, including developing online reservation features. This also required modernizing the backend system to create a seamless customer experience. Our teams worked on design, solution architecture, development and quality assurance in an agile process setting to deliver the project.

Going digital leads to new revenue streams.




New revenue


Seamless digital

Digital foundation

CoStrategix and Fast Park participated in a digital workshop to take a closer look at the company’s customers, data assets, technology and competition. This helped our teams understand which digital initiatives aligned best with Fast Park’s business model. We created a roadmap for these initiatives, complete with success measures, budget and a way to evaluate market traction.

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New revenue stream

Done right, digital has the potential to provide new value-added services that could strengthen customer relationships and generate new revenue streams. We worked with Fast Park to develop a system that allows customers to reserve a parking space using their browser or mobile device, leading to a net new revenue stream for the company.

Experience and modernization

Creating seamless digital experiences is key to establishing long-term relationships with end users. An important step in the process is to map the customer experience journey to get an understanding of customer motivations and emotions. CoStrategix played an important role in defining the journeys and building systems to provide Fast Park customers with the convenience they expect. This meant integrating front-end and back-end systems, including modernizing, building out scalable API layers, and migrating data from existing systems to new systems.

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