Transportation services uses analytical insights to drive operational efficiencies

Our client is a leading provider of transportation services for business, education, health, social or recreation in the UK and North America. They provide easy and convenient mobility, improving quality of life by connecting people and communities. With $8 billion in revenue and around 100,000 employees, they transported 2.2 billion passengers last year.


Business Outcomes

Modern Data Architecture

The client had multiple legacy data warehouses to drive operational efficiencies and capital investment decisions using insights. The data had quality issues and was unreliable leading to a lack of trust and not fostering a data mindset culture. CoStrategix worked together to architect, modernize the technology and consolidate, perform enterprise data modeling, and bring data assets together.

Driving Operational Efficiency

CoStrategix worked with various functions of the organization to determine data needs and built dashboards and scorecards. We took the requirements of the business stakeholders and design dashboard with drill-down capabilities to drive action based on insights. Bringing data from a large number of applications and systems, The tool of choice was Microsoft’s Power BI deployed across the business.

Risk Reduction through Analytics

CoStrategix migrated a highly manual & error-prone Excel-based reporting system into Power BI Reports, that retain the functionality, and are easier to use. Further reports on safety, operation labor hours improved the service level agreements in-place reducing risks associated with penalities. The new insights built on the dataset are helping the client to take corrective actions and improve overall productivity.

Our client has been a leading provider of transportation services globally and is continuously evolving to meet new challenges. They have known that data is key to success to their business, so they used a range of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to help navigate through their decisions. The KPIs were initially drawn out of different systems with issues in data quality and overall trust issues. This was leading to KPIs not being used in key decision making.

At the end of 2018, the client decided to upgrade their technologies & reduce costs at the same time by moving into more robust Azure Cloud infrastructure with better total cost of operation. As a function of this there was a cost-avoidance strategy to replace the legacy reporting system (Hyperion) to a Microsoft Power BI while improving the User Experience of the reports.

CoStrategix kicked off the project with a data and analytics workshop that analyzed the company’s current state, business objectives, framing value proposition, and quarterly initiatives that drive the maturity of the analytics program in practical steps.

We architected the Data Cloud, in a way that creates a defined data asset and becomes the basis for all data related initiatives within the enterprise. This also required modernizing the data infrastructure by moving to the Azure Cloud Platform. Our teams worked on design, solution architecture, development, and data quality assurance in an agile process setting to deliver on the initiatives.

The client is realizing the operational efficiency and risk mitigation using analytic insights. Further the business is able to slice and dice data to determine insights and act upon it.


  • Data Strategy Workshop
  • Modernization roadmap
  • Cloud architecture
  • Migration into Power BI
  • ODW into Data Lake


  • 6-month data footprint
  • Ongoing insights development
  • Devops
  • Dataops


  • Azure Data Lake Service
  • Azure Data Services
  • Power BI visualization
  • Microsoft DevOps/.Net (C#)


  • Agile process
  • Microsoft DevOps
  • TOGAF Architecture
  • Dataops and Devops