Digital media agency increased workflow capacity and quality while avoiding cost

Organizations today, recognize the value behind digital initiatives. This is a case study of a digital media agency looking to break into a market segment of customers with relatively lower advertising spend budgets. How do we create a customer engagement with digital technology but yet maintain a market reputation of providing a high-touch experience? CoStrategix created a digital strategy leading combined with technology execution to create a digital business platform for our client.


Business Outcomes

Digital Platform Strategy

Digital strategy involves analyzing customers, competitors, data, value proposition, and business models in light of leading-edge digital software technologies. We applied these principles to create a platform strategy that essentially is a digital twin of the existing processes.

Digital Platform Execution

Digital solutions that provide specific competitive advantages in today’s digital context are not something you can find in off-the-shelf products. Architecting a digital business platform specific to our client, defining the business API layer, architecture, and in rapid implementation agile cycles – CoStrategix engaged a spectrum of skillsets in measured ways to bring the platform to life.

Scalability &
Cost Avoidance

A workflow engine is the heart of the system that allows for complex and customizable workflows. The system was constructed on Microsoft Azure and built to automatically adjust to the demands of the business which offers scalability and cost savings.


Our client’s customers can always trust that their digital media assets are safe. The system is built using Azure native services and security models while utilizing external scans, at PCI levels, to ensure ongoing security.

Our client had an existing process that was highly manual and was based on excel spreadsheets, emails, and digital assets scattered across many sources. They also wanted to offer customers a self-service portal where they could manage their assets and understand the status of their promotions.

CoStrategix initiated the project with a set of discovery sessions to capture the business needs. These sessions defined the roadmap that was used in the development of the solution. CoStrategix worked with the client to design a solution that would take much of the manual steps out of the process, centralize the assets, and track progress. A customizable workflow engine is at the heart of the system that keeps users connected via messages and emails.

CoStrategix architected and constructed the system from the ground up using Azure native web services wherever possible. The result was a system that was secure and scalable and solved a complex business problem.

Statistics are being collected and reported in an admin dashboard. Additional business intelligence initiatives are being planned. The system was architected from the ground up to capture transactions at a detailed level to ease the transition into business intelligence solutions.


  • Solution Strategy and Architecture
  • Customizable Workflow Engine
  • Workflow Experience Design
  • Web Implementation
  • Business API Implementation
  • Scalable infrastructure


  • 10 months to initial buildout
  • Ongoing engagement


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft .Net
  • React
  • Native web services


  • Agile Project Delivery
  • DevOps
  • Requirement Engineering