5 Marketing Technology Patterns to Transform Your Business

5 Marketing Technology Patterns to Transform Your Business

Today, marketing is the most rapidly evolving function in your company. This change is driven by technology.

This article identifies a number of marketing technology patterns that you should observe and explore. These patterns create a business model shift that will ultimately result in transformative growth.

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A key point to be noted here is that we are not talking about the marketing automation like lead generation tools and content marketing which is more about brand building and incremental growth and not about a transformational business model shift.

1. Customer Systems of Engagement
A mobile app is an example of a ‘system of engagement’.

How can you create new experiences for your customers, partners, sales people, and employees in the backdrop of the products/services that you offer today?

A construction company engaging with its customers by posting pictures of buildings under construction or equipping sales people with apps to better illustrate ROIs of complex products, or engaging audiences in an event through an app – all are clear examples of systems of engagement.

Read 7 reasons to build a mobile app for your business to get a deeper picture. Serving your customers in their Mobile Moments is just taking it to the next level.

2. Meaningful/Contextual Interactions
Customer walks into a hotel lobby – they get a push message pointing them to the hot cookies available in the lobby. A museum visitor driving into a parking lot gets a message about overflow parking and directions to it.

Location sensing, Geo-fencing and Beacons are few technologies that can create highly contextual experiences for your customers.

3. Connected Products
Whether you make heavy machinery or consumer products, you can offer intelligent products to sense customer needs, control the device and communicate data to a cloud through mobile apps.

Be it a simple machine like a coffee maker, or complex and heavy earth-moving vehicles, they can be configured with simple electronics to enable customers to control their environments through their phones and collect/analyze data on the cloud to generate insights.

4. Predictive Analytics/Engagement
Predicting customer behavior is becoming easy. This technology was exclusive to the Googles and Amazons of the world. But today, the technology to collect data, analyze and predict behaviors is becoming easier and mainstream.

By combining behavioral understanding with customer systems of engagement (mobile apps) – you can deliver highly contextual/timely services in ways never done before.

5. Individualized Experiences
Websites and mobile apps are currently serving all customers alike. That need not be the case.

In fact, the time-tested concept of “marketing segmentation” is being redefined by technology.Click To Tweet

You can create unique and compelling experiences for each of your customers through technology today. Ability to analyze/predict customer behaviors and connecting through apps open up opportunities to serve customers in a highly personalized manner. Yes, technology makes one-on-one service possible.

In conclusion, some of the patterns are fundamental to enabling the rest of the patterns – especially the “Systems of Engagement” Pattern. Special emphasis here is on Mobile Apps – you should view it as an “enabling infrastructure” for the rest of the marketing technology patterns.

Need someone to bounce a few ideas on how you can apply these patterns?

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