Month: December 2019

Thinking Cross Platform Mobile Apps? Think XAMARIN!

When it comes to developing apps for iOS or Android, Objective-C, Swift and Java are the players that immediately come to mind. For years, these native tech stacks have been the go-to weapon of choice for many developers, but thanks to the advent of Xamarin, there’s now an alternative for building user-friendly apps that can dominate the mobile space and enable more businesses to serve customers in their “Mobile Moments”….

Marketing – It’s All About Transforming Business Models

Marketing – It’s all about transforming business models. We have been hearing it more and more from our customers in various conversations. Customers often approach the conversation now with “What should we be doing with these new technologies?” or “How can technology deepen existing customer relationships”? It is prompted by the likes of Uber and Airbnb where emerging technology is disrupting time-tested industries in a matter of months. How can you safeguard…