About CoStrategix

CoStrategix is a software development company located in Cincinnati, USA. We help grow your top-line revenues while reducing your operating expenditures through strategic conversations, technology consulting and deep software expertise. CoStrategix has been in business for 8 years and our team of 100+ technologists serves enterprises, mid-market companies and startups in United States and Europe.

Our expertise includes product development, technology architecture, consulting in emerging technologies, Open Source implementations, mobility, cloud computing, quality assurance, process consulting, SaaS implementations, big data implementations, performance engineering, social media integrations and media marketing solutions, among others.

Our focus is on organizations that require high intensity technology research and development in a short span of time. We engage at a strategic level to understand your business landscape and solve problems with a technology underpinning to it. We bring a high level of technical expertise to execute solutions using an agile iterative approach.

For mid-market companies, we bring operational innovation through cutting-edge emerging technologies  leading to robust revenue streams and efficiencies. For technology start-ups we refine the vision towards implementable architectures and build product platforms, including services of a CTO and engineering teams with the right skillset. With our expertise we service many Fortune 1000 companies - primarily their research and development or marketing organizations to rapidly create new technology capabilities.

Above all, we value truth, openness and transparency with our clients and fellow Gixers. We believe in long-term relationships and win-win partnerships with employees, clients and our business partners.

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